The Lawn Edger Project: Gas Powered

Gas Powered Lawn Edgers

The gas lawn edger originated in the 1940's and has since become a common household item for cutting grass around the perimeter of lawns. It can chop through rugged weeds blanketing the edges of your concrete and shrubbery bedding, thereby implementing finishing touches for the perfect look. The first edgers were powered by Briggs and Stratton engines and today many still retain these powerhouses. However, there are a large variety of top of the line products from diversified manufacturers. Among the most popular edger brands are MTD, Troy-Bilt, Black and Decker, and Tanaka.

Gas lawn edgers usually consist in a gas engine powering a rotating blade all attached to a conveniently adjustable handle for user operation. Although there are variations, most commonly the blade is connected to the engine by two pulleys and a belt. The tension depicts how deep the blade penetrates into the grass. Most edgers do not require much horsepower so smaller engines suffice just fine. A normal edger's engine has usually about 3.5 hp or less. In addition, almost all gas models come fully equipped with wheels so that it can move over terrain with ease thereby allowing the user to concentrate on the cutting rather than stability. This is a huge advantage over many manual and electric models that do not come with wheels.

Despite costing slight more than other manual styles, a gas edger is the most efficient way to go and definitely is worth every penny. Don't struggle vigorously trying to cut that perfect edge that is sure to be overtaken within a couple weeks. Simply start up the edger and slice through effortless with a deep and clean cut that is sure to last longer. And, since it is so easy to operate regular upkeep is a cinch.

Although manual models and electric versions do work, a gas powered edger has many advantages. It is freely portable without any restrictions like those found with electric models??? extension cords. It also has a capacity for an endless fuel supply simply refill the gasoline when it depletes instead of waiting on a battery to charge until you can finish your project.

The battery operated trimmers and electric edgers are effective but a gas edger really gets the job done. A gas model has more power to slice through harder grass and leaves you with a nice clean cut that is not jagged. This makes for a superior look. It can conquer virtually any amount of distance and is made to withstand continual use for longer projects.

There are a variety of factors involved, but if you have a larger property and need the convenience of free mobility in addition to more power to cut deeper through grass, then a gas powered lawn edger is the way to go. Find one today to add the finishing, manicuring touches to your lawn for the clean, crisp appearance that it should illustrate.