The Lawn Edger Project: Honda

Honda Lawn Edgers

Honda is the most popular engine manufacturer in the world. They have quietly making making lawn equipment for well over twenty years as well. Honda was the first company to make a 4-cycle string trimmer, and shortly after, introduced their 4-cycle handheld string trimmer. It is a bit heavier than others in a similar powered two stroke, but the 4-cycle is easier to start, offers higher torque, and it cleaner burning and quieter.

The Honda HHE31CA Trimmer is fairly expensive, but touted as the best handheld on the market. And for a 4-cycle: it is. It weighs 16.8 lbs without fuel, so you will want to use a shoulder strap. Honda warranties it for two years, or just one in commercial use. They prefer the stick/handheld design for portability and ease of use. We will agree that is is better for quicker jobs.