The Lawn Edger Project: MTD

MTD Lawn Edgers

Founded in 1932, MTD also known as Modern Tool and Die Company began as a supplier for manufacturing companies. As they became more established they emerged into the steel stamping industry which evolved into producing tricycles and other things of the sort. It was not very long until they began producing yard tools and equipment. In 1958, the MTD produced their first lawn mower. They began acquiring ownership of other brands such as Troy-Bilt in 2001. Today MTD is renowned for making quality products and are among the top manufactures of lawn equipment offering a vast selection of countless models.

MTD lawn edgers are top of the line products with all the latest features for very reasonable prices. MTD implements their advanced technology into their edgers to ensure that each customer gets a convenient product that is both reliable and efficient. MTD owns several brands of which some manufacture edgers such as Yard Machines, Troy-Bilt, and Bolens.

The Yard Machines 148 cc edger model comes with a hefty 3.5 hp Tecumseh engine. It has a 9 inch steel blade protected by a plastic cover and 6 positions for edging so that you can grace the surface of the soil or cut through deeper to handle larger grass roots. This model also comes with a well balanced wheel kit and conveniently adjustable handles that make operation easy. This MTD edger is very reliable product that gives you a lot of machine for a reasonable price.

MTD has a Troy-Bilt edger with a large 158 cc Briggs and Stratton engine, a triple edged blade, and 6 positions for different depth levels ranging from ?? inch all the way to 2 inches. Several wheels are mounted on this machine for a sturdy balance that will ensure a straight cut. There is even a ball and bearing curb wheel that is adjustable. This beast can handle practically any project you need it for and can do so with ultimate success. It has the power to cut through deep and tough grass roots and is reliable for continual use over long periods of time.

The MTD Craftsman Tiller/ edger model # 21AS144R799 is powered by a MTD gasoline engine with an electronic ignition and an adjustable design to switch from a tiller to an edger without the use of any tools. This is an extremely popular machine with the capacity to get an enormous amount of work done in little time. It even has an adjustable depth of up to 5 inches.

MTD also manufactures add on edgers. These add on pieces change a trimmer capable of accommodating attachments into a fully functional edger. This attachment comes with a 7.5 inch blade, a guard for safety, a wheel for mobility, and a gearbox to provide rotation. This is definitely a nifty accessory for your trimmer and is by far more efficient than using a nylon string trimmer to edge.