The Lawn Edger Project: Stick Edgers

Stick Edgers

Stick edgers also known as handheld edgers are convenient, lightweight, and versatile lawn tools for reviving your walkways and garden beds from overgrowing grasses and weeds. These are relatively inexpensive devices that can yield astonishing results. Mowing is simply one part of the process to achieving a great looking lawn. Edgers provide the finishing touches that give your lawn the professional appearance it deserves. Stick edgers convenient to store, can serve multiple purposes, and are easy to operate. There are a variety of handheld edgers available to residential consumers and commercial businesses. MTD, Homelite, Tanaka, Echo, and Black and Decker are very popular brands among all consumers.

Some are manual contraptions in which a blade is connected to a stick for the user to penetrate the grass. These can either consist in a fully circular blade that rotates by the user pushing it or a semi-circular blade with an overlying shield in which the operator steps on to shove the blade through the lawn.

Automated models can be either electric or gasoline powered. Electric models can be powered via an extension cord or battery operated. Extension cord models can obviously operate for longer periods of time, yet are limited in the distance that they can range by the length of the cord. Battery models are quite efficient, yet require a charge. Black and Decker is renown for their extensive line of both cord and battery handheld edgers.

Automated gasoline stick edgers also are highly efficient models and can come in a variety of forms. Most consist in an elongated handle attached to a gasoline powered engine with a drive shaft mechanism controlling a rotating blade or nylon string. Some models are strictly used for edging while others have trimming/ edging capability. Attachments are also available for trimmers that convert them into edgers.

Most handheld stick edgers do not incorporate the use of wheels for primary support. However, there are handheld models that do use 1 to 2 wheels for guidance and easy maneuvering. This provides an additional advantage by ensuring a consistent and straight cut each and every time.

Achieve the perfect lawn that accents your home nicely and increases property values today with an affordable handheld stick edger. These are very durable products that can withstand continual use over the years. Whether it is manual, electric, or gas powered a stick edger is an effective means to eliminating overgrowing grass on walkways, driveways, and beds. Get your handheld edger today and enjoy all the benefits of quality lawn equipment!