The Lawn Edger Project: Tanaka

Tanaka Lawn Edgers

Tanaka is a family owned and 4th generation operated company that produces lightweight machinery for the home and yard including edgers. Tanaka edgers are premium quality and high performance products that are both efficient and convenient for consumers.

The Tanaka TLE-600 is a walk behind edger ideal for cutting quick trenches around sidewalks and other areas in your lawn. This beast cuts faster than any belt driven walk behind edger. It truly performs beyond your wildest imagination. This is a highly regarded model that has retained its number one position as a shaft gear driven walk behind edger for over 20 years.

The TLE-600 is powered by a massive 50 cc 2.5 hp two stroke engine from Tanaka with a stress relieved, chrome plated cylinder that is built to last. It comes with a durable solid steel drive shaft. The two stage air filtration system increases performance immensely. This model is started by a transistorized electronic ignition system. The 10.5 inch arbor hardened steel blade slices through soil and grass with extreme efficiency giving you a greater cut in less time. The 8 inch tires increase mobility and convenience for users. It only weights 54 pounds so it can be easily stored and transported. The TLE-600 is insured with a 2 year commercial, 3 year residential, and 1 year rental warranty from Tanaka. Rid the overgrown grass and restore your walkways with the TLE-600 today!

The Tanaka TPE-250 is a handheld stick edger for professional businesses and homeowners. This landscaper is powered by a 24 cc 1.3 hp PureFire two stroke engine with a chrome plated, stress relieved cylinder. It has a 3 inch cutting depth so you can get deep into the soil for a clean cut. It comes with a 8 layer cable drive shaft, rubber sleeve anti-vibration system, and a 6 inch wheel for guidance. This model is only 14 pounds so it is quite versatile and easy to maneuver. The 8 inch hardened steel blade provides a straight crisp cut. The contoured loop and comfortable heavy duty rubber handles makes it easy to operate for longer periods. The TPE-250 also has a 19.6 fl oz fuel tank for extended run times. This is definitely a premium quality edger with a lot to offer.

The Tanaka TPE-260 stick edger is ideal for use after the TLE-600 to clean up edges for the perfect look. The TPE-260 is powered by a 25 cc 1.3 hp PureFire two stroke engine for optimal performance. A transistorized electric ignition and recoil starter powers this model up quickly and without much effort. The anti-vibration sleeve increases comfort for the user, thereby making longer jobs more pleasurable. The 8 inch steel blade enables a 3 inch cutting depth. The 6 inch rubber wheel provides easy mobility and additional guidance. The 23 fl oz tank provides lengthy run time so that you can get even the most time consuming jobs done without refueling. The 13.9 pound weight is quite light and is easily versatile. The TPE-260 is also insured by Tanaka with a two year commercial, 1 year residential, and 1 year rental warranty.

Tanaka Edgers are definitely the way to go for a quick clean cut that puts those finishing touches on your lawn that keeps it looking great! Gain all the ease of maintaining a superior lawn from a Tanaka today!