The Lawn Edger Project: Troy-Bilt

Troy-Bilt Lawn Edgers

Troy-Bilt is a company dedicated to serving homeowners with premium tools that yield an impeccable lawn. In 1937, they produced their first rear tine rototiller and ever since their expertise and experience have enabled them to succeed as a top of line producer. Today they offer a vast array of outstanding tools including their highly efficient lawn edgers. With such a well established company backed by their parent company, MTD Products, you are sure to get a great piece of machinery.

The Troy-Bilt TB515 is a lightweight portable edger designed to cut the ideal outline around driveways, walkways, and garden beds. This model yields the ideal manicure finishing touches to your property. The TB515 is powered by a 29 cc 4 cycle engine. This is a user friendly machine that does not even require the mixing of gasoline and oil. The 9 inch dual-tip steel blade slices through rugged soil and grass providing a lasting trench that looks great. It can cut all the way down to a depth of 3.5 inches to reduce upkeep and give you a defining edge. The 7 tri-wheel system gives the user greater control and the edger a dynamic balance for straight non-jagged lines. This model is definitely designed to meet the needs of consumers with an adjustable handle, conveniently located controls, and handle mounted throttle. Troy-Bilt backs the TB515 with a 2 year limited warranty to ensure that you get a product that lives up to its highly regarded reputation.

The Troy-Bilt 554E is a beast with a high power engine and triple blade design for ultimate edging and trenching. The 554E is powered by a 158 cc 500 series Briggs and Stratton engine with 5 ft pounds of gross torque. The triple edged blade, 9 inches in size can dig deep into the soil and slice through overgrowing grasses giving you precise cut uttering an ultimate image of perfection. These blades are also self sharpening to decrease the amount of maintenance required. This blade has 6 positions with up to 2 ?? inch edging depth. There is also a 3 position adjustable bevel for outlining walkways. The 544E comes with 7 inch front wheels and 8 inch back wheels for outstanding mobility. It even comes with a curb wheel for guidance. This premium quality edger also comes with a full trenching kit included so that you can get diversified uses out of one machine. For such a well equipped machine, it is actually quite affordably priced.

In addition to their remarkable edgers, Troy-Bilt also offers an extensive line of straight shaft, curved shaft, gas, and electric trimmers that are built to perform at high intensity levels. Other machinery offered by Troy-Bilt includes blowers, log splitters, snow throwers, chippers, and much more.

Get a Troy-Bilt and gain the satisfaction of achieving the perfect lawn in little time from quality products!