The Lawn Edger Project: Wheeled Edgers

Wheeled Edgers

Wheeled Edgers provide clean straight cuts along beds and walkways to tame overgrown grass. They provide superior maneuverability and guidance for cutting along curved or straight edges. Almost all gas powered edgers that are not stick edgers incorporate the use of wheels. Some electric models do as well. And, even stick edgers often come with wheels for added stability. The curb wheel is another common feature among all edgers. This wheel provides outstanding performance and simplifies the operator's job.

Wheels offer a great deal of advantages for edgers. First they make maneuvering easer and take weight off of the operator. If you have to constantly support the entire weight of the edger, it can be tiring. Wheels can alleviate this and is definitely necessary for the larger models.

Second they provide guidance for less jagged and straighter cuts. This is often executed by the infamous curb wheel. This well can be adjusted to accommodate for different heights and rides snuggly along the curb. This not only ensures a clean cut but it also protects the blade from accidentally hitting the concrete. Encounters with concrete are a common form of damage that can rack up a lot of repair costs. Yet, this curb wheel does wonders.

Sizes different from model to model and depends largely on style. An automated (non stick) walk behind gasoline power edger often contains 6-7 inch rubber tires in the front and 7-8 inch tires in the rear. Some gas edger models have the additional curb wheel as well. Electric and gas powered stick edgers can come with smaller wheels and or the curb wheel. These wheels are substantially smaller because stick edgers are intended to be primarily handheld devices.

Stick edgers with wheels are very quick cutting devices; however, the walk behind models supported by larger wheels are ideal for longer jobs and those that require more power. Since wheels on handheld devices are intended to provide more guidance than continual support, the walk behind models are more convenient and require less effort to operate.

It really depends on your style and property size as to what would work best for you. However, whether it is a walk behind model or a handheld edger, wheels offer a huge advantage. Find a wheeled edger to obtain that perfect looking lawn today!